19 May 2014

Neymar on a condom? Yes, we are getting close to Mondial! Yeeha!

Eric Franco, a Brazilian guy from São Paulo, published the following picture on his Facebook page:

(For those unfortunate enough not to know who Neymar Jr is, here it goes).

And to Mr Franco, who, probably, grudges Neymar his career outside of São Paulo's Santos strongly enough to add to the picture a caption: "Would not recommend. Should fall all the time."* - what can I say, man? That thing that falls all the time couldn't be helped much by this specific accessory, and don't blame Neymar for your problems, please.

So there.

Yes, Mondial is coming. I feel the fever spreading in the blood.

Go, Brazil!

(*) Translated by Google. Don't blame me,  in short.