16 May 2014

The new wave of secessionism tears Ukraine apart

The two news items I have received recently from Ukraine point to the destructive process of separation revving up in Ukraine. To start with Odessa:

The famous Odessa market "Privoz" on Sunday, May 11 held its own referendum on independence. Politician and public figure Alexey Goncharenko wrote about it on his Facebook page.

"a referendum was held on the territory of the market "Privoz" on Sunday under the motto "We are tired of feeding Odessa!". "Do you support the act of state sovereignty of Privoz"? Over 94% of fish sellers were in favor, 92% in the meat row, 99% - dairy products. Vegetable sellers were not allowed to participate, because of their union - the "Vegetable sector" - rules.

Given these results, the organizers announced the creation of the new state - the Republic of Privoz. The republic already has its own flag.

As explained by the leader of the new state, Denis Toshnilin, white stripe on it symbolizes the milk row, blue stands for fish and red for meat. "Privoz should finally be heard" - the self-proclaimed president Toshnilin declared.

Now organizers are waiting for a response from the Kremlin and recognition from the international community.
And in two days, another entity declared its independence - in Kharkiv.

On May 13 in Kharkov three clowns held a referendum for joining the Canadian "Cirque du Soleil". A flash mob was created at the Irina Bugrimova square in front of Kharkov circus. Three young men in clown makeup and wigs came to the square with placards "The referendum only for clowns", "More makeup for clowns", "Through the referendum - to Cirque du Soleil", UNIAN reports.

Young people offered passers-by and journalists to vote for the inclusion of Kharkov clowns in the world's largest Canadian circus. Clowns handed out blank sheets of paper, calling these ballot forms and offered to comment in free format on the question, which was put up for the referendum.

"You can vote as you wish, where you wish, and your vote will count. Want to do it in a kindergarten - vote, prefer to do it at home - vote. It doesn't matter, the referendum will be considered legitimate in any case - said the clown Matryoshka. - We're tired of working for pennies. We watched some TV and saw what was happening in the Donetsk and Lugansk, and realized that our masterminds, our spiritual leaders are there. We realized that we also have the right to hold a referendum. No matter that there are only three of us. Did the number of people ever play a role anyway?"

Without wasting time on "vote counting", the clowns decided that above 90% of the votes on their quest to join the Cirque du Soleil were positive. Thereafter clowns, using a children's ditty, elected among themselves a "people's governor".