19 May 2014

Putin's rating: grab Crimea, get elected...

According to the latest poll, conducted by Levada Center:
President Vladimir Putin's rating reached its historical maximum, according to "Levada Center", If the elections were conducted next Sunday, 81% of voters would have voted for him. Sociologists do not see any competitors for Vladimir Putin and believe that nothing will prevent his re-election for another term.


Senior Researcher from Institute of Sociology Leonti Byzov believes that, in the context of events in the Crimea and Ukraine, Russians felt a strong nation and they share "a sense of pride for the country, the government and the president". At the same time, in his opinion, the citizens' attention will switch soon to the internal problems of Russia, which will accumulate and irritate them. In this case, the expert says, "Putin's rating will return to more realistic values​​, falling to 60 %..."
The future, though, doesn't represent a big problem for Vladimir Vladimirovich: there are a lot of bits and pieces besides Crimea to pick up to get the sense of pride back and up, to the new heights.

Especially when no one cares enough to say enough...

Update: One person only participated in a protest against war with Ukraine that was planned in Moscow on May 18.