18 May 2014

Now, pilgerize my other foot a bit, please...

What Francis says:

To make sure that you don't get swamped in all the links above, here is the gist:

In the infamous cesspit, called Guardians CiF (Comment is Free), there appears a longish piece with a longish title: In Ukraine, the US is dragging us towards war with Russia by John Pilger (yes, this John Pilger). In which article Mr Pilger touchingly describes a case of verbal antisemitism:
A doctor described trying to rescue people, "but I was stopped by pro-Ukrainian Nazi radicals. One of them pushed me away rudely, promising that soon me and other Jews of Odessa are going to meet the same fate. What occurred yesterday didn't even take place during the fascist occupation in my town in world war two. I wonder, why the whole world is keeping silent."
When Pilger starts to display his concern about antisemitism and the Jews of Odessa, my hand starts searching a panic button. And the second link helpfully provides this button, explaining the Jewish doctor in question:
Bloggers, who investigated the good doctor’s Facebook story, discovered something odd. Dr. Rozovskiy’s smiling face turns out to be that–the same face, the same room, windows and background–of a North Caucasus dentist — in the advertising brochure of the Ust Dzhegmiska Dental Clinic. The dental clinic identifies the man on Igor Rosovskiy’s Facebook page as Ruslan Semenov, graduate of Stavropol Medical College, 1997 graduate, 17 years of experience, phone 7-19-68. I decided not to call Semenov in Ust Dzhegmiska. He has probably been bothered enough.
More details in the article... and you better read it all, it's good.

Now, a person that disregards the fascist elements in Western Ukraine should have his/her head examined, that doesn't need argumentation. On the other hand, a person that ascribes the goings-on in Ukraine, especially after the anschluss of Crimea, to the fascist elements in Western Ukraine, should explain his motives - that is, the motives beyond and above him/her being an anti-Western fellow traveler and a low life - which parameters describe John Pilger to a T.

The march of Putin's propaganda machine is unprecedented in its volume, its use of all possible channels and its unscrupulous manipulation of fake and true information. Any person who gives a hand to this abomination is no better than the Kremlin propaganda trolls. And in some respects even worse.

But I am not aiming to cure Pilger of his maladies. So, not to try to be original, I shall quote myself.

So, John, pilgerize me back a bit more, OK? No no, a bit lower... now a bit to the right... yes, that's the spot... oh boy...