15 June 2012

No, really, Jews, you have to relax re the Swedish twitteress Sonja Abrahamsson

Er... sorry, I meant tweeteress. Of course. I have even wanted to write a long post on the subject: namely, why Ynet, Haaretz, JP, TTOI, and even Commentary-Contentions got their undies twisted about that blonde who, if you look carefully at her tweets, is a bit lost and a bit slow. But Paul Widen, writing in the above mentioned TTOI blog, just made that effort unnecessary, putting up a piece The fuzz with Jews (I'm still not sure it rhymes, by the way, but let's not nitpick). He got it all. Read it.

The lady herself confessed to being a) somewhat undereducated and b) ignorant about them Jooz. And the tweets she sent are the best evidence to the truthfulness of these two statements. So now, you people*, chill. The weather is not too hot yet, and one can cool down just sitting in his favorite chair outside and breathing slowly and shallowly. But only in the evening, of course.

Oh, and I have just rescinded that Mossad hit squad visit to Sweden. Relax you too, folks.

So I am off, but not before mentioning one item of advice Paul W. carefully avoided. Re identification of people's nationality by their penises: Ms Abrahamsson should just... well, how to put it gently... she should get out more, that's all.

Yeah... groovy...

(*) The expression "you people" in the context of this text doesn't mean or imply or otherwise hint upon any racist, sexist, ageist or any other "..ist" content of any kind. So there.

Hat tip: Francis Sedgemore.


peterthehungarian said...

Storm in a glass of water. A ignorant asshole tweets her thoughts matching to the intellect of an ignorant asshole. (Disclaimer: the expression asshole in this case has nothing to do with the sex of the abovementioned asshole.) But this is more than that: Norwegian student in Oslo burns Jewish pupil

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Right you are, Peter, and asshole is a gender-neutral term.

Dick Stanley said...

Say "you people" to US blacks or Hispanics and you'll be lucky to get away with your ass.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I know. Why I refer to the member of my tribe only in this way. Taking care of the mentioned part of my body ;-)