07 June 2012

Politicians on Syrian massacres: who is being crafty and who is being woozy?

These two news items show the answer to that question:

U.S. backs Chapter VII resolution for Syria

The U.S. treasury secretary said Washington was considering a Chapter VII resolution at the U.N. Security Council, which authorizes the use of force in Syria.
Nice show that, especially when everyone knows that such a resolution doesn't stand a chance to pass through Russia and China in UNSC.

Annan: Iran could help remove Assad
Iran and other nations could create plan to ease Syrian President Bashar Assad from power, special envoy Kofi Annan was to tell U.N. Security Council Thursday.
For a man who travels a lot, Mr Anan has a great and steady provider for whatever shit he smokes (or sniffs or...). But then, traveling a lot he knows a lot of people, so why I am not surprised?


Francis Sedgemore said...

"...ease Syrian President Bashar Assad from power…"?

In the absence of heavy duty protection within a high-security housing complex in Tehran, the only easing we shall see is that of Bashar al-Assad into a wooden box.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That's the probable outcome indeed. Although the Iranian, Lebanese (Hesballah) and other friends will make the process as long and painful (for Syrians) as possible.

David All said...

Kofi Annan was UN Assitant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping in 1994 at the time of Rwandan Genocide. Annan turned down requests from the UN Commander in Rwanda, Gen. Dellaire to use force to prevent the massacres. Annan instead withdrew the UN peacekeeping troops and allowed the genocide to occur without any attempt to stop it. In this Annan was following the wishes of all the major powers including the US, which did not want to be bothered with military intervention in such an obscure, faraway place. Annan was rewarded several years later for his obedience by being elected Secretary General of the UN.   

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes, that sounds just like good old Annan we know and love.