11 June 2012

Sara: a clear and present danger to the national security of the state of Israel?

Then there’s the last person Bibi sees every night: Sara. Seconds into any conversation about Netanyahu, the subject of Sara, whom he married in 1991, invariably comes up. It’s amazing how many otherwise sane Israelis see her Lady Macbeth–like hand in every corner of her husband’s life and work—whom he hires, what he does and doesn’t do, whom he can and cannot see. One hears constantly that Sara “has something” on her husband, stemming from her decision to stick by him after the highly publicized affair to which he admitted early in their marriage when his political career hung in the balance. One also hears of a supposed contract between the two of them, said to have been drafted by a former attorney general of Israel, squirreled away in some safe. Or of Bibi cowering in the bathroom, calling the childhood friends of his whom she has excommunicated.
I am not sure that the situation is all that different from that of the other married politicians or, for that matter, of the other married men.

But I am going to the bathroom to call Vanity Fair anyway.


Dick Stanley said...

In their dreams. These are the guys who gave a nice puffy profile to Assad's wife, remember?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes. This specific article made a lot of noise here, though.