14 June 2012

And meanwhile in the forests of Maine... update.

Andrew Ian Dodge, who has left the GOP scene to run as a Libertarian candidate for Senate, interviewed by Bob Zadek.

In this episode, Bob welcomes Andrew Ian Dodge to his show. Andrew is seeking to win Olympia Snowe’s US Senate seat in Maine. He is running as a Libertarian and he has an excellent chance; given Maine’s demographics and its huge independent voting block. Traditionally, Independent voters have a higher propensity to vote Libertarian. A Libertarian in the Senate – how cool would that be! His background is perfect for the position and he would be an ideal citizen legislator. He’s a candidate like no other and you’ll enjoy getting to know him on our show. Don’t miss it.
Go there and listen. And more power to Andrew!

And what happens meanwhile in the political forests of Maine GOP? Since the incumbent, Sen. Olympia Snowe suddenly decided to quit, the shock caused the forests to freeze for a while, and it looked like in absence of other competitors, Scott D'Amboise (already mentioned here not quite kindly) will take the GOP nomination walking. The list of the candidates doesn't look all that impressive.

However, there are some stumbling and heavy lifting to be done by Mr D'Amboise on the way to coveted GOP nomination. To start with, he is very fast when drawing his heavy political weaponry, as the last year case shows only too well.
D'Amboise revealed his true colors May 10 when he issued a news release demanding that Snowe resign her Senate seat and accusing her husband, former Gov. John McKernan, of financial wrongdoing without a shred of evidence and without coming within a country mile of anything resembling a fact.
Well, a sordid story of a person craving to gather some points by unjustly smearing his opposition.

However, deeds of this kind usually backfire, and backfire this clumsy attempt did. With vengeance:

Is Scott D'Amboise Embezzling Campaign Money?

I wouldn't quote extensively from that one, so sordid it is. Kinda financial porn, I would say, so read it for yourself. Only one short quote:
It is unbelievable the shit that many of these candidates say or do to get elected. But, the truth is that many campaign for access to the cash.
Yeah, so, as I've mentioned, the misdeed has backfired - at the right target, I would say.

As for smearing his opposition: it's not only the embezzlement rumors that were used by Mr D'Amboise and his (too eager) supporters. Take a look again at the way his cohorts declare D'Amboise's opponent (then Andrew Ian Dodge) to be (simultaneously): Libertarian, Libertine, a closet Marxist-Leninist, non-citizen, Wiccan warlock, sexual deviant (besides working for the world government) and a devil worshiper to boot. Like with the accusation of Ms Snowe - not because any of this BS is true, but because the opponent is there, and to the devil with the details.

But, as the embezzlement story shows: the devil is in the details.

Update: Too bad, Mr D'Amboise.


Dick Stanley said...

Nothing against Andrew, but they already say politics is the ultimate dodge. I'm not sure we should make it official. But I don't vote in Maine, so it's not my problem.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

You know I have a weakness for Libertarians. Aside of one gentleman I don't want to mention ;-)

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Heh, but think about it. No one is gonna accuse me of being dodgey. Oh yes & I have to avenge the name. The bad Senator in Eddie Murphy's "The Distinguished Gentleman" is called Sen. Dodge.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Better a good dodge than a dead hero, I suggest.