14 June 2012

"Apple Applies for '.apple'" rumors apparently untrue

Some reporters wouldn't know a real scoop if it bit their retina display in half. Check this:

Apple is included in the list, having paid the $185,000 application fee to request the ".apple" suffix, although it is unclear whether Apple plans to make high-profile use of the new suffix or if its application is primarily for defensive purposes to prevent another company from taking it.

Apple doesn't care for a mere ".apple", dear AP. As our agents report from inside the belly of the beast, Apple is going for the whole enchilada, meaning all words, prefixes and suffixes starting with "app". 

Appalachian apparatchiks: appellations are not appreciated.

No dice. So eat your apples while still possible.


shaun downey said...

Hmm after earing the apple I am sure we will need to appease them appropriately lest they apportion appaling damage suits, - approaching seven figures each. I will applaud any application to stop them!

shaun downey said...

or eating.. earing is just perverse!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That if you are a vegetarian only. Oops...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

But the applications (non-Apple ones) will be outlawed too... We are in a bind, I tell you.