01 May 2012

On Zionist cruelty to minors

I believe you all remember that old joke: How do you call a kid that killed, cooked and ate his parents? An orphan.

The joke is really beat to death and tattered in my mind, because it comes up every time I see news like this one:

On April 21 Israel border policemen saw two Palestinians about 17 years old alighting from a taxi at the Tapuach junction (south of Nablus), carrying a suspicious-looking bag. The policemen ordered them to halt but the two turned and ran. The youths, both residents of the Balata refugee camp near Nablus, were found to be carrying four IEDs, a gun and ammunition (Israel Border Police Spokesman, April 21, 2012).
The contents of the kids' bag are displayed, if you are curious for more details - in that link.

So how that joke is related to the story? Very simple. You see, the two will be put in what is called "administrative detention" till their trial, since releasing them on their own recognizance will mean never (or close to never) being able to see them again.

And, as sure as death and taxes, from that same moment the two wannabe terrorist martyrs will immediately become incarcerated children - according to human rights organizations' definition of a child. And the two will join other poor defenseless tikes in the statistics zealously kept by these organizations and somewhat (or even considerably, if you will) inflated by various Palestinian (dis)information sources.

And our enemies will be able to concoct texts like this one:
The Luciferian Zionists inside Apartheid Israel have MORE children in prison than any nation on earth.
No links for that one, google for yourself if interested.

And our Western friends will politely (but firmly) express their "concern" about them kids suffering from heavy-handed treatment - and you can imagine what they will say to each other when the microphones will be switched off...

And this is the way it goes...

P.S. An article that describes pro-Palestinian propaganda on the subject.

Hat tip: Yisrael Medad.


Independentsentinel said...

It's an upside down world - very discouraging.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Which makes it somewhat funny too, on the other hand.