27 May 2012

Viktor Dvorakovsky: an undermartyred Russian Islamist

I wouldn't have paid any special attention to this UPI story but for a slightly unusual (that is, for an avowed Islamist) name of the culprit: Viktor Dvorakovsky.

Viktor Dvorakovsky, 24, was sentenced by a regional court in Russia's southern Stavropol territory Thursday to 23 years in a high-security jail, RIA Novosti reported.

Dvorakovsky was previously convicted of charges of plotting a terror attack, attempting to kill a police officer, making improvised explosive devices, inciting racial hatred and fraud.
The key sentence, however, is here:

Prosecutors said Dvorakovsky converted to Islam and ... started an extremist campaign in the Stavropol territory in 2010.
One could ask why so many of the converts to Islam decide to prove their adherence to their new religion (of peace, let me remind you) in the most violent way, including killing other people. But one wouldn't want to be facetious, of course... Anyway, here are some more technical details:
Dvorakovsky was put on a most-wanted list after a homemade bomb went off in his Pyatigorsk apartment in March 2011. When he was arrested in July, Dvorakovsky tossed a homemade bomb, injuring a police officer, and attempted to throw two more bombs at other policemen, but they exploded in his hands, blowing off his right hand.
This last detail makes our Victor into a kind of spiritual relative of another unsuccessful bomber: Abu Hamza aka The Hook. And sometime in the future they may meet in the martyrs understudies' department of the terrorists' paradise, where a reduced number of virgins will take care of their needs. Seeing as how both have a reduced number of appendages and require specialized care.

The fact that our hero doesn't rate a full martyr treatment, not being blown apart by his bomb, made for another, quite funny turn. Kavkaz Center, the seriously revolting mouthpiece of Chechen and pro-Chechen Islamists, hastily reported on Viktor Dvorakovsky as a martyr in a bombastic (as usual) piece headlined Russian Muslim martyr (Insha'Allah) planned to eliminate Russian interior minister.
This story has been reported by Russian invaders and puppets in Dagestan, when it became known that a Russian Mujahid, Viktor Dvorakovsky, martyred while detonation a bomb near the main police department building in Shamilkala (former Makhachkala) on Tuesday.
To make the alleged martyrdom seem more worthy - price/performance-wise - KC scribe added a consoling detail:
2 police minions were killed as a result of the explosion. The hospital is located near the blast site.
I guess the miraculously resurrected policemen enjoyed giving testimony at the miraculously resurrected, albeit slightly damaged wannabe martyr's trial.

The story, somewhat comic as it may be, sent me looking for more sources on the phenomenon of Russian converts to Islam. Quite interesting, and could be (or should be) a source of some concern to the Russian authorities. A short chapter in Wiki mentions the converts, with some additional links. And, from the horse mouth - a Russian, most probably a convert himself, translated an interesting article from Russian.

So yes, it seems that Russians have quite a lot to worry about on that front.