15 May 2012

Oh Debka, Debka... or connect the dots...

I am still staggering after reading that Debka article with a smashing headline:

New US battle strategy against Iran in US movements and Israeli drill

The first sentence is so incomprehensible that I dare to quote only its first part:

A series of apparently unconnected military movements observed in Middle East seas and skies in the last tendays have a common factor: introduction of the new US Air Sea Battle (ASB) doctrine...
Oh, I see you don't believe me, so here goes the rest:
...which is designed to make the most of tightly coordinated operations by air, land, sea, undersea, space and cyberspace capabilities for defeating those of the enemy.
Now, I hope, you do believe.

Anyhow, the important point in that first broadside is this ASB doctrine Debka allegedly sniffed out. Now let's take a look at the connection with the Israeli drill:
The Israeli exercise, which ended May 13, practiced the new American ABS* doctrine of simultaneously massing large-scale sea and air strength against Iran on two seas, in this case, the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf. It also drilled operating in unison with their American counterparts under the same doctrine.
So now it's clear: a coordinated pincer movement from the two seas... oops, somebody forgot that Iran doesn't have an access to Mediterranean. I prefer to blame the Pentagon, they are farther away, after all, and may have missed that point.

Unless, of course, it is all done for the surprise value. Imagine Israeli Navy going at Iran from the Med, causing twenty kinds of incomprehension in Tehran, while... yeah, it could work.

I would suggest that Israeli Navy stage that attack from an even more remote location. Say, from the Barents Sea. The surprise level will simply paralyze the Iran's military.

Methinks it's quite the time to reveal the person behind what Debka call "Our military sources". Here he is:

 The picture is borrowed from here. Cause they use this same source too.

(*) Notice that the doctrine is named differently this time. Obviously to confuse the enemy, who will be preparing to counter the ASB, while in reality it's ABS that will be unleashed. I would offer an even shorter acronym - BS, but how will it differ from the Debka's usual?