14 May 2012

Fahd al Quso's demise, blame the previous manager, Obama's campaign claims, etc

The CNN clip - the first one in a new series on Al Qaeda in Arabic Peninsula, made by Christiane Amanpour, tries to send a few messages. Or, rather, a few arrows at different targets (may it never be said that Ms Amanpour isn't politically motivated) - but the results are mostly misses.

Nevertheless, the clip is interesting, revealing quite a lot of interesting stuff. To start with, an ex-FBI agent with a better than perfect hindsight, whose ability to blame others and laud his own self is quite something. Strange that Al Qaeda survived at all with such a formidable enemy.

Then there is Ms Amanpour, who is artfully leading the said agent to blame all kinds of people in all kinds of mistakes. One has to remind oneself every minute or two that USS Cole bombing and 9/11 could hardly be put on the GWB table. One has to admit, though, that the mere fact that the previous sentence is written is a witness to Ms Amanpour being a pro.

It was quite funny to watch the part where the fact that the late Fahd al Quso wasn't brought to USA at the time (to be tried and incarcerated there), is blamed on that unmentioned party. With all her subtlety and professionalism Ms Amanpour couldn't prevent the FBI guy admitting that Yemeni government at the time objected to the step. She does, however, slip up while regretting that al Quso wasn't "rendered".

Should I remind everyone how vociferously Bush, CIA and powers that be of that time were denigrated for the CIA "rendition" activities by the media - including Ms Amanpour? Just google for "Amanpour rendition" if you want some pearls.

But the most interesting and most troubling part of the whole (for me at least) isn't related to the past. I mean the repeated (for a good reason and with enough supporting information) statements about Al Qaeda going, if not as strong as yesterday, still quite strong and not planning to disappear anytime soon. And the same, according to that clip, goes for Taliban, which isn't getting weaker with time - just the opposite.

The reason I mention this is because of the Obama's campaign, which (while it's not any of my business) produces victory statements every other day, declaring both Al Qaeda and Taliban devastated by the might of the current POTUS. One doesn't have to read between the lines, the current administration is openly preparing to leave Afghanistan and to drastically reduce the effort in the battle against Al Qaeda.

Two big mistakes - and afterward it will become everyone's business.