26 May 2012

2012 UC Irvine Hate Week Post Mortem

To summarize the week of events, it was almost the same lineup of speakers we have seen regularly in the past. Boring Ben White, the ever-annoying Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian, the misguided Hedy Epstein (who doesn't realize whom she is lending support to), always radical imam Amir Abdel Malik Ali ( who belies the claims of the MSU that they are really a mainstream religious organization that rejects anti-Semitism), and this time, veterans of the Oren disruption, 4 unrepentant young men, who swear if the Israeli ambassador ever returns to UCI, they will be there to disrupt again.
Yeah, and the festivities to be repeated again. And again...

Read it all.


Paula said...

And straight from Belgium:
http://www.russelltribunalonpalestine.com/en/sessions/future-sessions NEW YORK SESSION – October 6-8 2012

The 4th and final session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine will take place in New York in October 6-7-8 2012 .Following the Barcelona (which focused on EU complicity), London (on Corporate Complicity) and Cape Town (on the crime of Apartheid) sessions, the New York one will go back to the root of the conflict and focus on UN and US responsibility in the denial of the Palestinian Right to Self Determination.Twenty witnesses and legal experts coming from all over the world will address the jury panel of the tribunal. If you want to follow the work of the Russell Tribunal, please follow us on facebook and twitter.

This session will consider the complicity and omissions of the United Nations and the United States of America in the ongoing occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel and the continuous violations of the rights of the Palestinian people by Israel. 

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah. Yet another round of that travesty.

yitzgood said...

Kinda makes you want to break into the Anteaters Fight Song:

Go Mighty Anteaters Go!Beat Each Opposing Foe!Oh We'll Win The Battle Tonight!U - C - I, Fight!We're Marching To Victory!Colors Aloft, For All To See!Oh How Faithful We'll Always Be,Oh True To The Blue and Gold!U - C - I ZotUCI Fight, FightTo Alma Mater We Sing,Long Let Our Praises Ring,Oh All Hail To Irvine!U - C - I!Don't ask me what "Zot" means--down with the Zionist entity?


SnoopyTheGoon said...

 Or "Zionists Out of Town" maybe.