04 May 2012

Bin Laden - not buried at sea?

Judging by the new information at our disposal, the said stiff may not be were it was widely supposed to be, namely swimming free and unfettered with the fishes, whales and other ocean fauna.

According to documents released by Wikileaks, Bin Laden’s body may have been transported to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Maryland.
Which means that the unique and exclusively ours picture of the burial could have been slipped to us by a rival outfit.

After analysis of the news linked above and a few e-mails from our readers who hinted that the person being buried at sea in the picture could have been a dead duck*, we have decided to reconsider the question and to offer our apologies to the readers who may have been confused by that report and the picture.

Well, dominating the world is a cutthroat business and nobody is guaranteed from a slip here and there. Nevertheless our field men are second to none, and recently a new picture of the stiff was obtained. And here it is, again an exclusive - in its own freezer!

Well, we think Bethesda naval hospital is on the whole an environment superior to the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Much cleaner, to start with. And the current POTUS and all his successors could drop by for a visit anytime... not bad at all.

(*) Which comment we, of course, have taken as a figger of speech at the time...