25 May 2012

Brett Kimberlin: an American success story?

Of course, charlatans are not any nation's specialty. People who change identities, places and methods are known to escape the attention of gendarmes and judiciary for many years in many countries. But the story of Brett Kimberlin is quite unique. Starting with this (click to enlarge):

In fact, if you look at this article, the man started on the road of crime long before becoming a bomber, but let's not be small minded. You would expect the man to rot in jail. But no, not only he is out of jail, but by now a quite successful entrepreneur, managing a 501(c)3 non-profit that receives serious money from some celebs, including Barbara Streisand, John Kerry’s wife, George Soros-connected Tides Foundation etc. And he didn't resort to identity change or any other misdirection. Amazing, ain't it?

Moreover, he is trying to stifle the voices that try to remind people about his past record and to put a finger on his current (mis)deeds. Actively and quite aggressively. And for some reason* only the conservative part of the American blogosphere stands up to his bullying an harassment. But - but here is a better quote:
Ultimately, this is a free speech issue. Kimberlin and his group of thugs have done their level best to attack everyone in the blogosphere who wrote anything negative about him. Now the blogosphere is starting to wake up, and there are so many critics he can’t possibly intimidate them all.

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(*) Well, I am being facetious here. This is the reason the American left puts up with this character: he is useful to them - for now.