21 November 2010

When the right start seeing through Bibi too

Like a rare and precious jewel, our multi-talented PM was until now transparent only to a part of the public: to the left wing and to the middle-of-the-road minority (where yours truly resides now, albeit unwillingly). These two categories of citizens, seeing him for what he is, were able to predict his zigs and his zags quite easily.

Not so with the right wing. The people who have done so much to put Bibi on the throne, simply refused to see that they have chosen again the merchandise that has already proven itself to be of inferior quality. Now, however, their blindness is going away, and the article Even 1,000 U.S. warplanes won't save Netanyahu by Israel Harel is a tangible proof of that trend.

Obama, contrary to what New York Times columnist Tom Friedman claims, is not at all fed up with Netanyahu. Quite the opposite. He is Obama's strategic asset. Obama recognizes his unique added value - a weak Likud prime minister outflanking the left from the left - and applies incessant pressure to him, including via psychological warfare. Some of this warfare is conducted via the articles of his good friend, Friedman. To Netanyahu, unlike to most Americans these days, what is written in the New York Times is holier than Holy Writ.
Something like that, something like that indeed...

And more, if you like them hot:
After all, words like “principles,” “land of our forefathers” and “Minister Gilad Erdan” are merely a matter of price. When you realize that Israel’s leadership is not a determined ideologist, but rather, a prostitute with expensive taste in combat diamonds, everything looks much more optimistic. With someone like that we can do business.


David All said...

So even his supporters are realizing that Bibi is as slippery as a greased pig.  (Apologize if that offended anyone's religious beliefs.)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Why apologize? Do you think that "slippery" is an offensive word?


David All said...

Thanks Snoopy.