07 November 2010

Gabriel Latner and Philip Weiss, his dim opponent

Sometimes I enjoy writing about assaJews, the valiant Jooish anti-Zionists, I have to say. No matter how many dumb things our own politicos say and do, assaJews will always leave them standing in the race for ultimate dumb act. I know that this is a lame kind of consolation, but it's always good for the morale of the troops, so here comes Philip Weiss, tireless anti-Zionist dullard, to make your day.

If you aren't aware of the (really unimportant) Cambridge debate that was lost by the incomparable Lauren Booth and her companions, you will have to browse this post to get up to speed. You will notice there a reference to a post by Mr Weiss:

Cambridge debate on Israel is undermined by wily neocon (is that redundant?)

Apparently, tireless Mr Weiss didn't want to stop there and continued to sort the sinister neocon out. His next article on the subject is here:

More about trickster/debater/Canadian Gabriel Latner, 19

A bag of free laughs, I promise. Apparently, Gabriel decided (what for, I cannot grok) to start a dialog with Weiss and sent him some information about himself and, in addition, the transcript of his speech at the debate. I recommend that you read the speech, attached to the post linked above, but this is a separate task. Let's go for the fun part now. Weiss quotes Gabriel:

"I am not a neocon. I have absolutely no patience for any ideology that promotes the use of military force in any situation where the preservation of human life does not demand it."
Hmm... OK, this is something one can take at face value or disbelieve, it depends on one's tendency. What does Philip Weiss say about this statement?
I don't know what that means.
Yeah, that was complicated for Mr Weiss. Long words and stuff...  Somebody better draw him a picture, preferably with colored pencils?

But Mr Weiss doesn't stop at this point, he delves deep into the "neocon's" sinister link to Israel (Gabriel has been there twice, so thats' where he must have caught the ziohitleroneocon bug) putting Gabriel to a serious questioning. Well, since the answers Gabriel provided don't hardly draw a picture of a fully formed red-toothed Zio-bot, Weiss just doesn't know what to do about the situation and simply stops there, without giving us the benefit of his analysis. Oops... the great hunt for a Zionist beast turned into a flop... too bad.

But before you go to read the speech mentioned above, I would like to show you the level of Mondoweiss' captive audience. Since any "dissenters" are swiftly ejected from his blog, Mr Weiss remains alone with the kind of commentators that gravitate to him naturally. Well, yeah, the brain-challenged good-for-nothing dumbos that mostly echo his own level of knowledge and intelligence. I shall start with this:

Draconian bill and a Zionist "barrier" - about a perfectly legal fence on the border. When any other country does it, it's most probably OK with this DIKERSON3870 fellow...
Apparently Weiss encourages wits on his comment board. Pity he gets only 50% ones...
Walid here is another expert in the area of "walls" and "barriers". In other words, you see here a propagandist that has choked on his own propaganda. Since the "wall" he so assuredly and professionally discusses is in fact a fence (only 10% of it is actually an 8 m tall wall), he could hardly have noticed that puny security fence that separates Lebanon and Israel, in existence for too many years to remember.
And here comes another expert. Where does he draw his knowledge about high windows like IMF, I shudder to think... it ghettoizes my mind.
I don't know how the issue of the Canuck debater was derailed to get to the subject of same sex marriage, but here we are. That one (his moniker is Piotr, apologies for not displaying the whole text) is something else. Read the above copy, it's unforgettable. It will learn you, for sure...
The last but not the least. Iranian National Health Service, according to RoHa... take a deep breath. Is it like a voluntary organization or more in lines of Revolutionary Guards? And what kind of change operation did they put RoHa through? Something along the general lines of this? Or, rather, through a brain surgery?

Enough for today. I already feel an urge to place a comment on Mondoweiss... then it will all end in tears...

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shira said...

Nice one, I usually get dumbstruck from Mondoweiss and its comments, take a few minutes, search books and files about their claims to find out that they are mostly made up or inflated, get into a philosophical debate... with myself about the "Internet" as a whole, and then go read a Terry Pratchett to get myself back to proportions. I could never think about it in an even minded way like you do snoop :D

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Me? Even minded? No one called me even-minded yet in this millenium... thanks.

Naftali said...

Oh, I follow Mondoweiss a lot. Some serious anti-semites on there, no doubt. However, not very smart ones, it's so painfully easy to out them and often hang them with their own words. 

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I admire you, Naftali. I wouldn't be able to follow that dreck constantly.