15 November 2010

Israel tortures prisoners with hot irons and electric drills? Pfui!

To start with:

Mel Gibson: 'I'm a failure'

Why Gibson? What's the connection? No worries, everything will be illuminated shortly. So, to the torture:

Purporting to show how Palestinian prisoners are tortured by Israel, the drawings portray Israeli prison guards:
1- Burning into a prisoner's chest with a hot iron;

2- Drilling a hole through a prisoner's hand;
No one enjoys publicity of this kind more than the Zionists: publicity will make all kinds of people to think twice before venturing into all kinds of endeavors that will have to be rewarded in this way.

However, the artist behind this show was hopelessly out of date. Didn't he hear about the latest Zionist invention: the electric drill (works of a rechargeable battery, no cord attached) that heats up the drilling bit to a required temperature (easily controlled by the operator)? So that there is no need for two separate cumbersome tools with electric cord. The saved electric cords are successfully used in hanging the prisoners up by their toes, finely tuned choking, etc.

There are more pictures in the linked article. Reading it, you will understand finally, why Mel understands now that The Passion of the Christ was pathetic, compared with this fine work. And why he was a failure in this way too.

And, of course, you can compare now the puny and pale efforts by B’Tselem with the reality, as it is presented by the outstanding Palestinian artist. A bit more technical up-to-date knowledge, and he will be an ace. A new Bosch, I swear.
A report by B'Tselem and Hamoked said Israeli agents bound detainees to chairs during lengthy interrogations and insulted, threatened or hit them.


Noga said...

Having exhausted the pages of Der Sturmer antisemitic caricatures, they have now turned to the plentiful archives of the torture methods by the Inquisition:


Anonymous said...

Did the Inquisition have electric drills? I had no idea.

Dick Stanley said...

Sorry about the guest. I am undergoing some browser torture here (known as the redirect virus) and have lost all my cookies, etc.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would say that so far <span>Inquisition torturers were more inventive, compared to the Palywood Productions.</span>

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would say yes, the Jesuits were very current technically...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Interesting. I am fighting an uphill battle with FireFox. It drives me bonkers.