13 November 2010

Hugo, me cago en tu revolución. Or: Hugo, I shit on your revolution.

A poor Google translation from this article:

In a [baseball] game of (in?) Venezuela, mechanic Miguel Angel Hernández Souquett displayed a shirt that made reference to the Chavez's revolution.
The text displayed on the shirt and its translation could be seen in the title of this post. The rest is quoted from this place.
Miguel has been summoned to appear before the Court on Dec. 1 to face the charge of "Offense to the Chiefs of Government".
I think that the charge is patently false, since the offense was leveled at revolution, which dubious object (or act, whatever), while it kind of belongs to Comical Hugo, is certainly not a part of his ample body. As the linked post says:
Shitting on the Vice President’s revolution, for example, is only half as serious as shitting on Hugo.
Let's see how the story ends.


jams o donnell said...

Pwesonally I would stil use the toilet but I can't blame him for the sentiments!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Why, a good revolution could serve as an excellent laxative, methinks ;)