11 November 2010

Christian woman sentenced to death in Pakistan for defaming the Prophet Mohammed

The police were under pressure from this Muslim mob, including clerics, asking for Asia to be killed because she had spoken ill of the Prophet Mohammed.
Weigh carefully what this quote says and means. There is no mention of religious fanatics, fundamentalists, Islamists, Al Qaeda, Wahhabi etc.

It is regular folks, described as "Muslim mob, including clerics", baying for blood. Regular folks, like you, me and, of course, the Rage Boy:

So, going a few days back to that uninspired and overused:
I made clear that America is not, and never will be, at war with Islam. Instead, all of us must work together to defeat al Qaeda and its affiliates, who have no claim to be leaders of any religion –-- certainly not a great, world religion like Islam.
Does anyone want to reconsider? No? OK, I shall do some homework of my own then...

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Dick Stanley said...

Ah, yes, the Religion of Peace (TM), the dumbest remark W. ever made.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, I too remember it first in his rendering.