16 October 2010

Tony Greenstein Wants Rabbis To Support The EDL

A nice post on HP about Tony the GreenStalin attempt to falsify the vote of British Jews on the question of cooperation with EDL. Even with Tony barf-inducing activities the idea was rejected by absolute majority of British Jews, I am happy to add.

And of course, there is this divine coda to the post:

Tony Greenstein needs to be careful. He may end up with a reputation for dishonesty.
Ach, Tone, Tone: methinks you are too puny and pathetic to take on real people yet. Wait for about 80 years more...


jams o donnell said...

Good grief, supporting the EDL? It may not be quite up there with Stern's overture to the Nazis but it's pretty damn stupid all the same

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Tone the GreenStalin in this case wants to show that them Jooz are ready to support EDL. And, like in most of his endeavors, he fails.