07 October 2010

There is no way to outwit a journo

I understand it now, after reading a Time article Has the European Terrorism Threat Been Overhyped? by one Bruce Crumley from Paris. Er... it means that the article comes from Paris. Bruce comes from... doesn't matter really, what matters is that Bruce is one tough journo that wouldn't be surprised while on his watch. Anyway, Bruce is the Paris bureau chief for TIME, so there.

The Predators are still crisscrossing the skies of Pakistan, looking for more targets. The hapless Pakistanis are still collecting various bits of the bodies in several places where the Predators hit. It looks like there still are suspects at large - or, at least, some buildings still standing. Arrests of the suspects still continue in Europe.

And Bruce C. is already asking whether the whole threat has been overhyped. I can only imagine how tough Bruce C. would have become with CIA and other services, had a large scale attack of several targets in Europe succeeded (deity forbid). I, for one, wouldn't like to be a CIA agent in a case like that.

Anyway, read the whole article. Maybe you will get some sense out of it, where I've despaired. That is, aside of a conclusion that Bruce C. is one tough cookie and all these CIA people better shoot themselves right away, since they are damned if they do and damned if they don't...

Oh, and while you are at it, don't miss the comment by Mr Farrukh Khan, where he puts the dots over the I's...