04 September 2009

Underwear brings $900K to Freddie Ljungberg

I was reading this article with some wonderment.

Ljungberg was paid $900,000 for Calvin Klein underwear ads.
So, I says to myself, how hard is the job that commands such amount of dough?
The photo session for Calvin Klein underwear turned out to be a huge success. As a result, Freddie was offered to take another photo session, this time with a partner. That was a Russian model Natalia Vodianova.
There is a picture of the process too:

After some soul searching and analysis of the situation, I am confident that I could do it too. Of course, I am not a muscle-bound man of sports and it will be much more difficult for me. But, if the lady in question wouldn't add any weight to her body, including additional garments like bra and other stuff, I think I could bear the burden for a few minutes necessary for the photo session. I shall tough it out it like a man.

And it will cost CK much less than that ridiculous amount. Really.