07 September 2009

Service announcement: blogging will be light in the future

Due to the decision of yours truly to join (and, eventually, lead) the new FLUFFF* armed above-ground** movement, the blogging will be of necessity light during coming days, weeks and, maybe, years - until the glorious victory or until further notice.

(*) FLUFFF, meaning FearLess United Fighters For Fatah, is a new Fatah unit made up from converted peacemongering Israelis who, inspired by the call by Uri Davis via Seth Freedman, lead by me (the new name I have chosen is Generalissimo Abu Shtroomgul) with political guidance by Seth/Uri, my new commissars. Temporary password for new volunteers: "Ich bin ein Ramallehr".

(**) We wouldn't be cowering in underground caves! The initial location of the unit will be high above ground, among the peaks of Sierra Carmel. Incidentally, this strategic location will be near the main supply lines of the Zionist enemy. This way we'll never be wanting for cappuccino and brioches.

Our volunteer PR officer

Hat tip: CiF Watch folks.

PR officer shot lifted from Jewlicious.