02 September 2009

Mossad's heist of the Arctic Sea leads to an explosive discovery

The latest routine operation by Mossad (to be discussed further in this post) lead to a discovery that may forever change the balance of forces in Europe and, indeed, in the whole world:

Estonia has an admiral!!!
former commander of the Estonian armed forces, Admiral Tarmo Kouts...
The feverish effort of the Elders' Signals department has borne fruit: here is the Estonian admiral's insignia:

The good boys and girls from Signals have also discovered the reason for the admiral's hitherto low profile: in the local lingo he is called "Mereväeadmiral", which obviously hid this personality from all intelligence outfits who are lately too reliant on Google...

In the light of this discovery, Russians should take heed and avoid suicidal verbal attacks of the kind that has occurred recently:
Russia's envoy to NATO, Dmitri Rogozin, says Kouts should stop "running his mouth."
Unless they want to see Estonian ships patrolling the waters of Moskva river and Estonian paras on the Kremlin walls.

Now we can spare a few words on the minor issue of Mossad (these Elders' young hopefuls we watch benevolently and give some errands of secondary importance from time to time) involvement. It should be obvious that Mossad is involved in every (but not limited to) mischief and disappearance from times immemorial. The case of Arctic Sea, of course, included. And the reason why is simple: a few Mossad youngsters on their way from Belize to Gabon stumbled on the Arctic Ship near the Swedish shore. And they took it, just because it was there, using the immortal answer of George Mallory.

It is not for nothing that one of the places where ships disappear routinely is called Bermuda Triangle. You know what you get when you take a triangle and superimpose it with another, inverted one:

If you need more proof, you must be dangerously blind to Mossad-infested reality around you. There really is no need to inquire "Why did Israeli President Shimon Peres pay a surprise visit to Russia a day after the ship was rescued?" Just because this is the standard procedure when one country does something painful below the belt to another. Call it a condolences visit... 'nuff said.

As for other attempts to outguess the Mossad: there is a guy keeps a blog under a moniker Abu Suleiman. The blog is titled "Islamic Intelligence"... no, I shall better leave this one alone. Abu Suleiman says:
Arctic Sea : MOSSAD plans to detonate a nuke in the USA
Obviously, to give a sensible background to this headline, he adds:
Anyone can run a sensational sounding story if you don't name names or provide links to back up your wild ass claims...
Granted. So his conclusion is:
If anything goes BOOM here in the States, it will be another Israeli designed 'false-flag' to get Americans fighting mad to attack Iran and nuke Pakistan.
Abu Suleiman, bubbele: we don't have to nick no ships to nuke any place in the world. Just because we have every city in US (and everywhere else aside of Estonia and, probably, some parts of Antarctica) already mined (actually triple-minded for redundancy - remember the triangle principle) with nukes.

And two personal recommendations for you, Abu Suleiman:
  1. Whenever something sinister happens and you don't have names or links - blame Mossad. Bigger boys do it so successfully and it works for them.
  2. Re these nuclear mines: we know you have that habit to jump up and down in your caravan when you happen to come upon a new sensation of the kind mentioned above. Please do it outside, since the floor in your dwelling is not reinforced, and we are worried a bit of what might happen if...
Take care.

P.S. An obviously less important discovery than that of the admiral: Estonia has a navy.