25 September 2009

Hurray to Canada! And to the jetlagged Man!

After seeing the Canadian delegation walking out of the chamber at the start of Mahmoud the Mad's speech, we, the Elders, are finally convinced of the sincerity of the Canadian Zionist conversion.

Now, especially with US delegation delaying, stumbling and mumbling with their walkout, there is no reason to delay our final blessing of the takeover of what is currently considered United States of America by Canada. Take it and use it, folks. The hell with that new quota for maple syrup, we'll talk about it later.

Consider this map approved as of today.

Now to the other issue - that of the Man - the King of Kings, the Top Dog, the Big Honcho - you understand I cannot use his name, there being more versions of it than ticks in his garment. In short, this one:

Terry Glavin suggests that the Man was way too high. I don't know, to me it seems that he was rather on the down slopes of his high, what with being unable to tear the UN charter printout completely apart and some lame remarks re Obama. On the other hand, some British sources (you don't want to try to best Brits on understatement) say that "The Libyan leader, making his first trip to America, was obviously discomfited by his jet lag." So be it. Lets' call it jet lag. Especially in the light of one, completely sane idea, uttered by the Man:

Colonel Gaddafi complained that he woke up at 4am New York time “because it was morning in Libya”. He noted that other world leaders also looked sleepy and suggested moving the UN to somewhere “comfortable”.
Absolutely. It is past time for the whole circus to take off to some place where it will be closer to most of the world dictators to gather. Anyway, it chiefly serves their best interests now.

So, another action item for the Canucks from the Elders: when you take over the whole shebang, please make sure that circus moves its tents from Manhattan to Libya. Pronto. You can use the place for a new hospital: Yanks could do with more available beds, what with the new era of public health care you will be bringing and stuff...

And a separate expert opinion from Francis.