30 September 2009

Oh Debka, Debka... or is Galloway a Zionist agent?

Some time ago (precisely - on August 19, 2009) I was stricken by a news item that appeared in Debka. The article on the Fatah internal power struggles wasn't particularly striking, even this part:

After days of vicious infighting and factional horse trading, the convention confirmed Mahmoud Abbas, 74, as leader and awarded the hardliner Abu Maher Ghneim, 71, his chosen first lieutenant and successor as chairman of the Palestinian Authority, the highest number of votes to the new Central Committee. The transition will take place over a period of time.
Even if Debka to be believed (oh well...), the news is not something unusual. Transfer of power in autocracy from one old fart to another is not unheard of, after all. But the picture that accompanies the article was really mindboggling.

What, I says to myself, has George (The Spiv) Galloway to do with political infighting in good ole Fatah? After all, he has just returned from Hamastan where he pledged allegiance to that rising Mediterranean entity:

But then, after straining my eyes a bit more, I have seen the text under that first picture, it insists that the subject is no other then Abu Maher Ghneim! Granted, Abu Ghneim is a dark horse, not frequently seen and there is not a lot of info about him. Still it's beyond amazing.

So, there are several solutions of this mystery:
  1. A case of "Separated at Birth". This level of likeness makes Abu Ghneim and the Spiv sure winners in Aussie Dave's pantheon and he owns me a big one now.
  2. A joint operation by Mossad and MI6 to get the Spiv out of both London and Gaza and foist him on unsuspecting population of the West Bank as someone else. Killing three birds with one stoned, so to say. In this case the secret allegiance of the Spiv to the Zionist entity is clear.
  3. Another typical blooper by Debka. Still kind of interesting, but no cigar.
Of course, for the purpose of selling as many copies of this here blog as possible, option 2 is much more promising than the others.

So, what do you think?