27 September 2009

Blast from the past

Two excerpts from a book "Housekeeping" published in Soviet Union in the sixties.

Remember that you must prepare yourself every day for your husband's return from work. Start with the children: wash them, comb their hair, dress them in clean an nice garbs. They should line at the door and greet their father upon arrival. Make yourself pretty for the occasion and try to adorn yourself, for instance by tying a bow in your hair. Don't try to talk to your husband, remember how tired he is and what must he go through every day at work for your sake. Feed him in silence and only after he is finished with the newspaper you could attempt to address him.
From the same book, the chapter "Advices for men":
After consummating the intimate act with your wife, you should allow her to go to the bathroom. Don't follow her, however, let her spend some time alone. It is possible that she may want to cry.
Thanks: Y.Z.