13 September 2009

From wherever it comes?

When the Caudillo doesn't have an external enemy, he is sure as anything to invent one. Or two. Since the deep well of CIA's monthly assassinations of Comical Hugo seems to be exhausted even to Hugo his own self, he is frantic, trying to name a new enemy.

"By the way, we signed some military agreements with Russia. Well ... soon will arrive some little rockets," Chavez said. "We are not going to attack anyone. ... Those are only defense instruments because we are going to defend the nation, from any threat, from wherever it comes."
Good for Hugo, maybe it will buy us all a few nights of sleep, undisturbed by his ululation about his enemies.

Only Hugo's caterwauling about enemies reminds me an old joke about that famous cowboy Elusive Joe, who was dwelling high up there in the Sierra [substitute your own Sierra here] wilderness. His widespread fame and name both stemmed from the fact that he was considered to be uncatchable for many, many years.

"So, why is that guy uncatchable?", every newcomer had to ask after hearing about that cowboy.

"Oh, well", usually answered the locals, "you see, nobody gives a flying donut about him, so no one ever tried to, you know, catch him".

I don't really know why I remembered this story. Old age, I guess.