06 September 2009

An idiotic initiative: Jews inform on Jews

The Jewish Agency and the Israel Prime Minister's Office(!) has unbelievably launched a clumsy campaign to "rescue" Jews from intermarriage. It invites people to "inform" on friends who might, HEAVEN FORFEND, be intending to marry a non-Jew.
I really don't have anything of value to add to the article by Ami Isseroff linked above, so go and read it first. Just a few stray thoughts and an ad hominem or two.

Firstly, I have looked at the site of MASA (that joint enterprise between PMO and the Jewish Agency that came out with this shining example of stupidity). Specifically, I concentrated on their "team" page. What can I say? Looking at the mugshots of the "team", I cannot but notice that the way the boys and girls of MASA look, their concern about some people marrying some entirely other people could be well justified... aside of one chick, that is, but I don't want to get personal, if you know what I mean.

Then - it is nice to see that Jewish Agency decided to assist the government in cornering the market on idiocy. Otherwise how could we guarantee full success of that endeavor? Of course, a simple government employee couldn't have come out with more idiotic statement than the one issued by MASA's CEO, Ayelet Shiloh-Tamir:
We wanted to raise a public debate, even if it arouses argument and emotions.
Would my advice - to take the "public debate" together with the whole nincompoopery and stick it - be heeded? Nah...

Afterword: I was ready and willing to protest the above mentioned idiocy by marrying a shiksa. However, there appeared to be a few obstacles on the way:
  • She (the shiksa I intended to hitch up to) is always shooting this or another movie, jetting around the world and adopting children everywhere.
  • Then there is the issue of that creepy Brad she seems to be married to. Could be dealt with, of course, but messy and troublesome.
  • Lastly, when I checked this idea with SWMBO, she flatly refused to give her blessing... ehehe...