25 April 2008

Syrian nuclear reactor and Israeli photography

There is no doubt now - when CIA serves as an art agent for an Israeli photographer, it means that this venerable art form got a worthy representative in Israel.

The success of the show is so overwhelming that the photographer shall have to avoid public appearances for now, just to escape the unwanted attention of rival art agents.

Now, I ask, cannot they (I mean CIA) do something similar for me? Look at this, for example:

Doesn't the picture show how boldly I break all the rules of composition? Doesn't the rough texture of the wood show the existential counterpoint against the blurred brownish - red background? Doesn't the ever crazed look of the Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus xanthopygos) express its epistemological conflict with the surrounding futility of materialistic humanity and its largely agnostic environment ?

So why couldn't the spooks do something for me as well?