04 April 2008

Some things to read

The economic and cultural boycott of the State of Israel actually predates the creation of the State itself.
The mere mention of the word "boycott" quickens the pulse of some people. Ben Cohen of Z Word blog takes a look at the various manifestation of that righteous urge by some righteous people.
I realize that we will have to make peace one day- the sooner the better. I realize that transfer is a pipe dream of the far right. It will simply never take place. I realize that there are good and bad Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims just like there are good and bad Jews.
Eitan of Continuing in Chicago on his "passing political puberty". I am a bit skeptical (not on account of Eitan, it is just that mental puberty for men is considered to be feasible around age of 70 or so), but it's a good read.
In a curious reversal of normal scientific practice, the failed experiment of the 1990s peace process is now being performed again. Its architects tell us, contrary to all available evidence, that this time the results will be different. They won't be. Instead, de facto cooperation between the region's moderate states will serve to contain the local pro-Iranian forces.
Jonathan Spyer of GLORIA Center offers increased involvement of Egypt and Jordan in Gaza and West bank respectively as a possible replacement to a peace process that is going to fail. But are Egyptians and Jordanians eager to participate in this experiment? Dunno...