09 April 2008

Our tenants

It's quite the time to let you know about some of our tenants. Quarrelsome and noisy bunch that they are, unlike this one:

The first one and its relatives I would like to get rid of, what with the roof gutters being constantly filled with assorted detritus and endless cooing at all hours.

The next one is less troublesome and comparatively quiet:

This one, on the other hand, is a living scandal. The level of grating noise produced by its kind must be heard to be believed.

That one is relatively nice, spending most of the time in the pine where you can see it:

And the next one is ready for a quick snack, as you can see:

And now to my personal holy grail, as far as bird photography is concerned. This miniature and quick flying character is the most difficult one to find and to keep in your sight for time enough for a shot. For a long time the best I could do was something like this:

(Can you see him?) Today, after a long vigil, I have succeeded to get a bit closer, and here he is:

And a bit closer to a face shot:

Well - quarrelsome and noisy bunch they are, and late forever with monthly payments, but we rather like them.

Now, when I get a better lens...