15 April 2008

Hot, cold, hot, cold

A layman can easily get drown in the recent deluge of hold and cold flashes keeping the media busy. Take for instance this series under the ambitious name:

The Great Global Warming Swindle

I am not equipped to sit in the chair of judgment on this subject, and I suspect that a good percentage of people who have a crystal-clear and unshakable opinion could support that opinion by even less argument than I do. One thing is sure - there are lots of angry people on both sides.

Still, I have these questions that will, most probably, remain eternal:
  • Why is that most of the proponents of global warming theory are on the left side of the political spectrum and the opponents...?
  • How can the whole issue be taken out of the grubby hands of politicians back to the labs?
  • Why don't both sides agree that no matter who is right or wrong about the impact CO2 is having on global climate, there are still goals that no one should argue with: reduction of industrial pollution, use of clean energy sources, including nuclear energy (this is where Greens just must replace their histrionics by a smidgen of common sense), search for other replacements for oil, which is really going to run out (later than it is profitable for oil moguls to claim, but still), more attention to accumulation of rain water and protection of existing freshwater sources, and many more urgent and critical tasks?
For everything else - there is the Climate Debate Daily - if you still want to hear both sides...

Via Dick Stanley.