17 April 2008

Some military news

Big mouth wars:

In a new round in the war of words between Jerusalem and Tehran, the Iranian army's deputy chief threatened Tuesday to respond to any military attack from Israel by 'eliminating' it.

The Iranian officer's comments came after Minister of National Infrastructures Benjamin Ben-Eliezer last week warned Iran that "an Iranian attack on Israel will lead to a harsh response by Israel that will cause the destruction of the Iranian nation."
Why don't the two meet somewhere on neutral ground and mutually self-destruct (I know, I know, don't jump on my throat please)?

Against all odds:
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and India are in advanced talks regarding interests in New Delhi to purchase three new Phalcon Airborne Warning and Control Systems (AWACS) from Israel, in what could turn into the biggest defense contract in the country's history.
Sounds good. If Grumman and Boeing don't train a few Patriot missiles on that deal...

Mock-up victory:
The Arrow anti-ballistic missile system successfully simulated an interception of a rocket designed to mimic the Iranian Shihab missile on Tuesday.
I had a dream lately about meeting Meg Ryan. This virtual encounter was an absolute success too.