11 April 2008

Hamas: Israel digging tunnels to kidnaps Hamas leaders

That was an interesting turn of speach. Or turn of spin, whatever you make of it.

"Israel has dug tunnels under the Gaza Strip in order to kidnap senior Hamas leaders," Hamas Interior Minister Said Siam told the London-based Arabic newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat. In an interview published Thursday, Siam claimed that the Shin Bet has been acting through local agents across the Strip to purchase apartments that could be used as bases of operations for such kidnappings.
Yes, it could be so: now we know at least why many people in Israel call Olmert dirty - it's from all that digging.

I can offer another sinister detail: Shin Bet uses the tunnels to provoke Israeli army. Like these 6 Shin Bet provocateurs that came from Gaza recently to the fuel terminal, killed two Israeli civilians and run back for the tunnels. Only to be killed by the Air Force who, most probably, just were not in on the joke...

The Shin Bet provocateurs are also digging tunnels under the Gaza-Egypt border, smuggle more and more weapons and distribute the weapons to the other Shin Bet provocateurs, who use the weapons to shoot and bombard Israel over the border to create more provocations.

The Shin Bet provocateurs also dress up like this:

This to create an impression that not all citizens of Gaza are peaceful.

The Shin Bet provocateurs...

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