12 April 2008

The murders at Nahal Oz

While mulling the tragic events at the Nahal Oz fuel terminal and thinking about a post on the subject, I have found a much better alternative to a home-baked post: an article by Professor Barry Rubin of GLORIA Center: Frog Bites Scorpion.

What makes this attack especially significant—and horrible—is that the only reason the terminal was open and the workers were present was to supply the needs of the Gaza Strip’s population. In previous months, the international media and many governments criticized Israel for not doing enough to help Gaza, despite the fact that the area is ruled by an openly anti-Semitic regime which makes clear its goal of destroying Israel, and also daily fires mortars and rockets into Israel. Indeed, as part of this attack, several mortar shells were fired at the terminal.
Read it in its entirety. The unhappy conclusion is all the more true.

And a side remark regarding the headline in The Guardian - Reprisals follow two Israeli deaths at fuel depot: as Meryl says in her post (re AP):
But note how it’s being played: “Reprisals”—as if there’s something wrong with an army responding to an attack on her land and her people. But then, that’s the narrative. Any attack on Israel causes a counter-attack, a reprisal, or a retaliation—not an act of defense by a sovereign nation, defending itself from armed terrorists.