14 April 2008

Pakistani lawyers clashing - natural selection at work

I cannot say that I was totally surprised by these developments in Karachi.

At least seven people have been killed and 12 others injured after rival groups of lawyers clashed in the Pakistani city of Karachi, police say. They say the clashes soon became full scale riots with offices and cars set alight in parts of the southern city.
In fact, it was practically expected. With the unchecked growth of lawyers' population all over the world, the only unknowns were the place where the lawyers will start to fight their turf wars in earnest and the choice of weapons.
Police say that five people were killed when rioters set fire to lawyers' chambers in a building adjacent to the city court in downtown Karachi.
That was expected, what with lawyers dealing with and surrounded by lots of paper. But the following was a surprise:
Two people died of gunshot wounds, including a paramedic whose ambulance came under fire while crew members were trying to help the injured.
Lawyers taking to firearms was a rude awakening. At least, if it were USA, where the access to the firearms is easier, it would have been understandable. (In US, probably, a lawyer would get a preferential treatment in a gun shop, enabling him to get away with a whole armory).

This doesn't bode well, I am afraid. Roaming lawyer gangs shooting it out with their rivals in the streets and in the courtrooms may become a common sight soon. And names like John The Barrister of Doom, Ahmed the Corporate Slayer or Chaim The Sudden Subpoena may overshadow the olden names of the pirates, gangsters and warriors.

It could be a good time to consider returning to frontier justice, before it's too late...

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