03 April 2008

No. 2 live on CNN!

Er... that headline may look ambiguous. So - it is not that no.2 you mean, it is this one:

Al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri pledged Wednesday night that the group would attack Jews in Israel and throughout the world.
And CNN is also not the one you mean, it is the elusive Cave News Network.

And that "live" should rather be "alive", but let's not nitpick, OK?

Anyhow, the gist of the speech carries nothing essentially new, aside of a sign that even such a benign and largely impotent body as UN has succeeded to get on the bad side of the chief cave dwellers.
Zawahri also slammed the UN for "assisting the establishment of Israel," calling the organization an "enemy of Islam."
I expect that Adam and Eve will be blacklisted next - for letting their loins to get away with passion and to produce these darn apes and pigs (by the way, if you haven't yet joined the Apes and Pigs Alliance, you are welcome to the badge and the link on the left side of this here blog).

And then who? Oh - oh, let's not get there for now...

Now a few words about the style:
The audio message, which was accompanied by a 46-page English transcript, was the first installment of answers to a raft of online questions...
46-page English transcript definitely points to one of the two possibilities: either our forehead-damaged friend is bored to death in his cave or he is aspiring to become a TV show star to beat Oprah. Or both.

In any case, here is an offer from the Elders to al-Whatishisname: we have a few vacant caves here, so you are welcome. We'll provide food, clothing, a TV crew and a few goats.


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