03 August 2014

The makings of a "civilan" victim of war in Gaza

Jesse Rosenfeld is reporting from the Gaza town of Khuzaa for The Daily Beast:

A barefoot corpse in camouflaged khakis is being carried into the street, partially wrapped in rug, as I enter the house. His partly burned and partly decomposing face is unrecognizable as anyone who was ever alive and breathing. Witnesses say there were at least six bodies piled together inside this one tiled room where the air is poisonous with decay.
And in an earlier spot of the same article:
Near the ruins of a demolished store, the black ammunition vests worn by Palestinian fighters lie in tatters as if hastily stripped off. There are no bodies or weapons nearby.
And another point that may sound telling to the reporter:
The house is filled with casings from the bullets used in assault rifles. They are marked on the bottom as “IMI” (Israel Military Industries).
Well, the author adds to these details:
All I can tell you is what I saw and heard at the scene this day.
But I will be bold enough to make another step: corpses in camo, no guns, no other weaponry, but riddled by bullets. Hastily stripped off ammo vests found nearby. Casings marked IMI from bullets (freely dispensed to the Palestinian Authority police, by the way).

Six innocent civilian victims of the Zionist war criminals. Nothing more to see here, move on, please.


Dick Stanley said...

Don't expect any research into who else besides the iDF has the IMI bullets. The Beast is a creature of the old Newsweek, owned by the WaPo until the magazine went toes up for lack of advertising, and is just as Leftist as its parent was. Newsweek, for instance, had the Clinton-Lewinsky story first but the editors refused to run it. A disgruntled staffer gave the story to Drudge and the rest is history.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

There isn't any need to research. IDF handed over guns and bullets to Ramallah quite generously, to arm the Palestinian police - to take one example.