09 August 2014

George Galloway - a Caliph In the Making.

Says the Guardian:
“Police are investigating comments made by George Galloway during a speech in which he said Bradford had been declared an "Israel-free zone".”

So George has unilaterally declared Bradford a zone, one which must be purified of Israel, Israelis, Israeli commerce, Israeli Academics and so forth. George has seemingly the unilateral power to declare Bradford a zone of his own personal ruling, never mind British law or sovereignty, George has apparently ‘Got the Power’.

While we wait and watch as the Police tackle this unilateral declaration, one must ponder the greater implications of George’s ability to rule, declare and execute extrajudicial policy. He could for instance declare his constituency a Caliphate and recruit a Jihadist force of his own. Recruits would already be trained and battle hardened, if he chooses to collect some of his constituents currently carrying out a Jihad in Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan.
While our George organizes and ponders, let us all be reminded of the 7/7 London terror attack perpetrated by some of his loyal-most constituents.

Update: Every Israeli citizen reading this post is invited to take advantage of this generous offer by Bradford board of tourism and order a set of brochures. Please do.

(With many thanks to Israellycool.)