11 August 2014

Bradley's fatal mistake: beating a cop in doughnut-eating contest

This is not a trivial story, when a civilian amateur defeats pros in what the pros do best:
Bradley Herbert entered the cuisine-eating competition at the Elizabeth City Police Department's National Night Out Against Crime and won it by polishing off eight doughnuts in two minutes.

The field that the 24-year-old defeated included local police officers and firefighters.
Of course, cops, being sore losers, went all out for revenge.
"I did congratulate him," Lt. Max Robeson told WTKR. "Good for him. He can eat a lot of doughnuts. Good for him."
You can practically hear the good Lt. Robeson's teeth grinding in that quote... and the revenge came quickly:
The day after the contest, officials realized that Herbert was wanted in connection with two break-ins that happened at local grocery stores thanks to story about the suspect's eating prowess.
What can I say: a judge that doesn't throw the case out (together with the cops who cooked it) is not a judge you should put your trust in...

Freedom and justice for Bradley Herbert, the valiant doughnut eater!