03 August 2014

Andrew Ian Dodge: last will

I dreaded to hear it, but I knew it was coming for quite some time. I watched from afar the courageous fight Andrew gave to the killing disease, all the pain and suffering he went through. Apparently my pen-friend of many years is no more, his last public message being published today on Facebook. I shall miss you, Andrew. Rest in peace.

Here is Andrew's last message.

If you are reading this I will have succumbed to the forces of cancers that have been ravaging my body for the last little while. The last fight betwixt my body with the help of cancer treatment and cancer has not gone according to plan. The hordes of cancer plague entities have felled their host on the battlefield of life.

I want to write this statement to thank all those that have been so meaningful in my life, especially over the last few years. I want to thanks those who have put up with my angst and drive. Thank you to my editors and co-writers who have worked with me on a variety of projects musical, creative and political. It has always been a great pleasure to know that strangers can become friends so quickly and help you produce things of merit in a very little while.

Kudos go to all my suppliers in PR of review music, books, DVDs and what all else I have managed to review. No matter how bad you feel “review stuff” has always perked me up.

And the musicians along the way that have put up with me Mitch Benn, Per Ove, and Paul Stead in our project called Growing Old Disgracefully. I want to thank all those who have been so helpful with www.angstia.com my bucket-list band Chris Loesch, Michael Wade, Frank Wnek, Dean Hill and Bill Colby.

And there is Charlotte Sabel my wing-goddess who was responsible for the night I met my beloved Kim.

Thanks to Doug Welch for being my rock web-guy over the last few years. His work on my campaign, personal and musical blog has been above and beyond.

My thanks for the support of my mother, Elizabeth, in this time of strife as well as the Benson clan Jean, Jim and Perry.

Of course, I must pay tribute to my beloved wife Kim who has been a rock beside me through this entire ordeal. The Dodge’s have put her through a great deal health-wise since we met in a London Club in 2005. But she has stuck by with love, affection and care all the way through. Ultimately everything in my life for good or ill led me to meet this wonderful woman, therefore I can have no regrets. She is of great talent, compassion, love and fortitude.

I ask that all of you do your best to help my beloved Kim through this tough time and help her to the next phase of her life. I hope for the best for her personally and professionally in the coming years I wish this unfortunately event will not hold her back too much for too long.

PS: Please go watch this & smile with me…  just remember the last laugh is on you.