28 August 2014

And how about CNN credibility?

Try to put these three quotes from a CNN article on Ferguson shooting together, see where it gets you:

Dorian Johnson, a friend of Brown's who was walking with him at the time of the shooting, said the officer shot Brown once by the police car and again as he ran away.

According to Johnson, Brown was struck in the back and then turned around and put his arms up as the officer kept shooting.
Struck in the back?
An autopsy showed that all the entry wounds were in the front of Brown's body.
And reports that his friend Johnson had a criminal record that includes lying to police has put Johnson's credibility in question.

In 2011, Johnson was arrested and accused of theft and lying to police about his first name, age and address.

Johnson said Monday night he doesn't understand why some are questioning his credibility.
Indeed. So lying about the officer shooting Mr Brown in the back is fine for credibility, it is the criminal record that somehow throws a shadow on it...

Believe it or not.