03 August 2014

Yaron Levite: The Engineer (The Mohandas) - soon on KickStarter


The novel is called The Engineer, and it tells the story of two young men from both sides of the Gaza Israeli border.

Hashim, an 18 year old arab high school graduate, comes from Gaza City. Shalev, also eighteen, is an israeli soldier who grew up ten kilometers, 6 miles away, in the Israeli border town of Sderot.

The two young men accidentally cross paths and set off on a journey of mutual discovery that will introduce you, the reader, to the people and culture of the area. The novel will transport you to the wilds of the Tel Aviv nightlife, the views of Holy Jerusalem, the chaos of Gaza city, the hectic Palestine herald press, underground smuggler’s tunnels -a truly action packed journey.

And now you can watch the author telling about the book: