15 August 2014

Lisa Goldman or: How I learned to stop being a journalist and love propaganda

Now this is what I would call jaw dropping. Or eye-popping. Or outright mind-boggling.

But to the details. Since some of you may be unable to see the Facebook post in the above link, here was a snapshot of it. Unfortunately, the snapshot was removed due to Lisa's insistence that it is her private domain. Here is her position:

Hi there -- You do not have my permission to take a screenshot of my Facebook page. As per my privacy controls, it is meant to be viewable only by friends. Please delete the image right away. Lisa
Be it as it may - the text remains indefensible. But, since I can't use the original text for the reasons of above mentioned lawfare (or lowfare, whatever), the only way I can go is to give the reader a hint: the ideas for reporting on Gaza, as provided by Lisa are nicely overlapping with the guidance dispensed by Hamas Interior Ministry. As for the difference between the two: I shall leave here an empty space, which, if Lisa so desires, will be used for the text she demanded to be omitted. Of course, if she is willing to prove the difference. Update 8/20/2014: apparently she is, her behavior lately precludes any coherent thought, so here it is back where it belongs:
Did Hamas prevent journalists from reporting accurately or not? I think the FPA has muddied the waters here, partly because none of the people who claimed they were intimidated spoke for attribution. I don't doubt their claims at all. But for the port to carry weight, it needs to be solidly sourced. The main takeaway should be, as every journalist who's worked on the ground knows, that soldiers and authorities in Israel and in Gaza *both* try to control the message. They do not succeed, although they do often anger the reporters they try to intimidate. But the *most important* point is this: the claims that foreign journalists were intimidated by Hamas into presenting a sympathetic message in exchange for the dubious privilege of reporting from a war zone, MUST STOP. This claim speaks to the desire to ignore and deny what happened in Gaza.
The tirade as a whole could be considered a lesson in illogical thinking: “FPA has muddied the waters” but “I don’t doubt their claims at all” but “it needs to be solidly sourced” but “soldiers and authorities in Israel [do same]” etc. Who muddies the waters indeed?

But, but, but – but of course that is not the jaw-dropping point. This is: “…the claims that foreign journalists were intimidated by Hamas into presenting a sympathetic message in exchange for the dubious privilege of reporting from a war zone, MUST STOP. This claim speaks to the desire to ignore and deny what happened in Gaza.” [Emphasis mine].

The jaw-dropping part is not the complete perversion of the claims about Hamas intimidation (they don’t intimidate journos to get “a sympathetic message”, rather focusing on cutting off the stream of unsympathetic ones, of course). It is the call, made by a person who was a journalist and – as I stated several times – a good one, to other journalists – to STOP (in capitals, too) publishing truth harmful to Hamas.

I don't know whether journalists have some kind of a secret oath, pledging to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. Also - I don't know whether they are taught that half of the truth is most probably a lie. But I am sure someone at some stage must have mentioned that point of "the whole truth" - otherwise what is the point of journalism?

And here we have a journalist (or ex-journalist?) demanding that her colleagues quit telling the whole truth, leaving out parts that may damage the otherwise lily-white reputation of the murderous outfit, Hamas. Because it may interfere with the pictures of dead children (frequently copied from other places far from Gaza) and destroyed buildings.

Because in their all-consuming righteous fervor to blame the barbarous Zionists, the progressive "journalists" are ready to make us forget the force of darkness that thrives on these pictures, that practically begs for more of that - willingly supplied by the legion of the immensely stupid fellow travelers. 


And even the material of the Haaretz article that Lisa Goldman is using as a reference, was used by her selectively, while she completely ignored some damning information. Like this:
Some reporters received death threats. Sometimes, cameras were smashed. Reporters were prevented from filming anti-Hamas demonstrations where more than 20 Palestinians were shot dead by Hamas gunmen.

In perhaps the most serious incidents considered by the FPA, Hamas began firing mortars right next to the location of foreign reporters, in what may have been an effort to draw Israeli retaliatory fire.

Several foreign correspondents said the FPA had been right to issue the statement. One European reporter told Haaretz how Hamas officials prevented photographs being taken of any wounded or dead fighters at Al-Shifa hospital, even though their presence there was common knowledge. Only images of wounded or dead civilians were permitted.
The whole truth, indeed...

And here are some excellent questions Alan Johnson is asking. Don't look to Lisa for answers, though.


Dick Stanley said...

Only his party has anything to lose if the Worm decides to put the screws to Israel on behalf of his Brotherhood pals. He'll never run for anything again. I've seen his denials but nothing he says is worth spit.

From what I've read, the stockpiles of munitions are already there in Israel. Are they guarded? And why is Israel not making its own mortar and tank rounds? I was to surprised to see that. Hellfires could be replaced with something else but mortar and tank rounds are pretty basic.

Dick Stanley said...

Heh, working pretty good at muddying the waters. About time. Is that Flat Fatima I see there?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Mortar and tank rounds? I do believe that the local industry produces them too. Strange, I heard that the delay was with Hellfire missiles or something of that category - helicopter mounted ones.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, nobody yet figured out anything better than Flat Fatima.

Dick Stanley said...

The missiles got the big headline, when the Worm's people decided to hold them up, but the others were the catalyst, when, accordingto the Wall Street Journal, they discovered Israel was going direct to the Pentagon to arrange for them from the stockpile.

Israel Matsav had it.that way, too: http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2014/08/most-pro-israel-administration-ever.html#links.

Meanwhile, check out the new Pallywood clip IM found on YouTube that has IDF sniping innocent kids on the playground.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks, I just didn't know about that. And thanks for the link and for the tip too.

Ozzy Osgood said...

Nothing to do with the topic at hand, but wanted to say I like the logo at the top left of this page. :->

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks, we like it too. It has, how to say it, a certain zing to it ;-)

Lisa Goldman said...

Hi there -- You do not have my permission to take a screenshot of my Facebook page. As per my privacy controls, it is meant to be viewable only by friends. Please delete the image right away. Lisa

Dick Stanley said...

The finger flag is my fav.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hi Lisa,

Apologies for late response, your comment was placed in the "Pending approval" category, which I don't check too frequently.

I would like to inquire what part of your message in that snapshot you consider private - it is rather addressed to a whole large group of people you try to indoctrinate.

Or do you feel uncomfortable with some parts of it upon second thought? Possibly even ashamed?

Regarding the legal validity of your request, I am not so sure I am able to resolve the issue alone, thus I shall have to consult with a lawyer, so please be patient, It will take a few days.

P.S. I was weighing for a long time the possibility of "unfriending" you on Facebook, but every time the thought came by something kept me from clicking that button. Thanks for resolving that dithering for me.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes, that one is not bad too.

Lisa Goldman said...

Yan. Remove this post or I will report you to Facebook for (a) reproducing my private status without permission; and (b) using a false identity on Facebook, which is strictly against their rules and grounds for deleting your account. My Facebook page is private, which is why I have several hundred 'pending' friend requests. I was patient with you out of respect for our mutual friend, but my patience is now at an end. If you insist on violating my privacy, I will most certainly do the same to you.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for your "patience". I am deeply touched. Since you have already complained to Facebook, without even having a minimal courtesy (should I say "morality") to wait for my response, I hope you will have the common sense to leave these here pages.

It is clear now that when you are unable to argue, the least one can expect from you is to be called "reactionary", "shallow" ect. The worst is, probaly, yet to be seen.

I shall do my (limited) best not to answer in the same vein.

Lisa said...

Yan. Remove all the quotes you have copied from my Facebook page. The page is private and nothing on it is to be quoted without my permission. Lisa

John C said...

Have just been reading Lisa Goldman's stream of fi.. err.. wisdom on FB. Pretty sickening:

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Since Lisa G. defriended me on FB (a good move, now I don't have to get in a tizzy reading that crap), I cannot even see her comments on other people's threads. Frankly, I am not feeling left out ;-)

But of course, if you see a pearl that requires special attention, feel free to post it here.


John C said...

But that's not the same thing: defriending would not make her comments invisible on other people's threads, only blocking (by either of you of the other) would do that.
Cheers, mate.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

There seem to be some new privacy settings on FB that allow you to do just that, but frankly, I am not deep into all that crapola.

rana said...

Oh my God.....You are a bunch of completely out of touch with reality narrow-minded bullies, aren't you? But I suppose you can't see it because you're so busy thinking you're the victims and feeling sorry for yourselves - for what exactly? For massacring your neighbors and being universally criticized for it? Your grandparents (who were once innocent victims) will be turning in their graves with shame at having spawned a generation like you. Shame on you! And in the end if you don't wake up, even if you win a thousand physical wars, you will lose the most important gift of all - self and other people's respect. I guarantee it.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That was a nice tirade, Rana, albeit not related to the contents of the text you have not, most probably, even read in its entirety.

Just try to absorb a simple thought: if no one was trying to kill us, maybe we wouldn't try to kill no one?