25 August 2013

Jewish general Al Sisi and several millenia of Jewish rulers of Egypt

I shall just mention that the Exodus story is really no more than a sideline intended to throw the various Joo-watchers off the scent. Of course, Egypt was ruled by Jews as a matter of routine from times immemorial, no matter whether these Jews called themselves Pharaoh, King or revolutionary in the army uniform.

To mention the latest rulers:

Mubarak, who didn't want to visit Israel for thirty years in the job. But not because, as some short-sighted folks say, he had some problems with Jews. No, it was because he knew he will break down, tear up and start kissing the tarmac in the Ben Gurion airport, and we couldn't have that, could we?

It was proven beyond doubt that Mohamed Morsi is Jewish, although it is hard to say whether this fact lead to his eventual downfall.

Especially in the light of his successor, general Al Sisi, outed as also being Jewish. So one Jew fighting another doesn't make a lot of sense in this situation. Unless these two belonged to two conflicting Jewish outfits, which is doubtful, seeing as how the Elders are micro-managing the whole world.

So here you are, with the current Egyptian JiC (Jew in Charge).

So be it.

Hat tip: Dick Stanley.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

One Jew fighting another doesn't make sense? Tell that to the women who wear tefilin at the Kotel.

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Please allow me to avoid that specific issue. I am minding my health, you know ;-)

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Ach, the inimitable Willie. Thanks, I needed a break, up to my arse in anti-Zionists today...