12 June 2013

Will Akaky Akakievich tell us the truth?

This is in regard of Akaky Akakievich's confession to a significant date: 26 years of his civil service.

I don't know how significant this date is as far as his pension rights are concerned. After all, I guess that it is different with the librarians, vicious and merciless folks as they might be, compared to, say, policemen or firemen. And I don't want in any way to imperil his pension.

However, I would like to extract a promise from him: the moment his first pension check (or money order or bank transfer) arrives, he must become a whistleblower. It is the going fashion, to start with. And, even if some highly placed individuals may call him a traitor, there is a real need for the public to know the answer to the ever-burning question: what kind of firearm(s) and ammunition a Library Policeman is issued when going on a mission?  Of course, if there are some other accessories used (like garrote, knives, chainsaw etc), we all want to know about these.

As for the shenanigans of IRS in Cincinnati, which is somewhere in the Ohio River valley: yes, the points made by Akaky Akakievich are all valid ones and should be given the utmost attention by the reader.


SnoopyTheGoon said...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yes, it was a good one. Doesn't show, though, what exactly does he carry under his raincoat...