24 June 2013

Snowden on his way to his personal freedom

According to the reports, the man is on the way to the desired asylum in Ecuador. At least he is realizing the Assange's dream, so far out of reach for the latter.

And Ecuador will be able to stick another finger in the eye of the Big Satan, with blessings from Beijing, Moscow and Havana.

I would say that the Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., got it in one*:

The freedom trail is not exactly China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela...
However, one question still bothers me: seeing as how some not so democratic countries, like the ones mentioned by the Senator and many others, could do with whistleblowers of Snowden and Assange kind, where are these whistleblowers? And why don't they jump onto the freedom trail to Ecuador or some other sympathetic third party?

Questions, questions...

(*) Well, Venezuela, Ecuador - small places far away from Washington, so let's not nitpick too much. Whatever.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

I'm still waiting to find out how the exalted NSA could have recruited Snowdon in the first place.